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Vertical landscape as unique feature of Mobilia Malmö

In the end of May the new building Torghuset was inaugurated right in the middle of the Mobilia district, a flourishing vertical garden is the natural centerpiece , according to Anders Murmark, Atrium Ljungberg’s property manager at Mobilia.

– Green facades, beehives and bat ferrules are all a natural part of the 100 steps for sustainability in our city center Mobilia, which we set up almost 5 years ago. A vertical garden fits well into a value chain where we give great importance to the local environment.

So far this summer, the green façades of Torghuset shifts from dark to light green shades, with elements of red and silver grey. The square is used extensively by both retail customers, strollers and bicyclists. The 270 square meter facades will change with the seasons and thus become an ever-changing element in this urban space. More than 60 different species of flowers and foliage cover the building that houses children’s culture house Funnys Adventure, retail shops and a cinema, in addition to 74 apartments.

Greenworks landscape engineer Jens Öqvist has in this project been inspired by the aerial view of southern swedish agricultural landscape, with its fields in different shapes and colors. And it will not only blossom in the spring and summer, half of the plants are evergreens.

– We designed this ever-changing depiction with more than 150 fields of various geometric shapes. The base consists of shrubs like dwarf pine and juniper and then it is the vibrant perennials in various colours and texture. As always, our inhouse developed irrigation system adjusts water- and nutritional supply according to season, temperature and other factors.

Anders Murmark does not hesitate to call this green wall a real artwork that will contribute to creating Malmö’s greenest commercial district. He notes that the facades changes throughout the day, between sunny and cold days, and thus reflects the rhythm of the seasons. And Atrium Ljungberg is somewhat unique on the Swedish real estate market with its groundbreaking urban development projects, always looking for innovative green urban solutions.

Greenworks provides indoor and outdoor vertical gardens in Sweden and abroad. Living walls contributes to biodiversity in urban areas as well as vivid elements to the architecture. Greenwork’s various solutions contribute to air purification, oxygenation, better acoustics, different lighting and overall increased well-being. Greenwork is a partner with property owners, projectors, architects and consultants from the first sketch to the finished product and handles maintenance.