Vasakronan and Klara Zenit

When Vasakronan decided to renovate the facade of Klara Zenit, right in the middle of Stockholm City, they made the decision to further develop the facade and create a brand-new landmark for Stockholm.

Nyréns architecture bureau were commissioned to map out the possibilities of creating a living outdoor facade. Cities such as Madrid, London and Paris can already boast with fantastic outdoor living walls, but these constellations are found in warmer climate zones than here in Stockholm, adding some additional challenge to the project. We had to identify and develop a plant system that would cope with the changing climate of the north, sustainably thriving, year in and year out. Thanks to our trusted reputation and deep knowledge of demanding living walls, we were a given choice of partner for the design phase of the project. Together with Nyréns, we established that the facade of Klara Zenit would contain a variety of plants, predominantly perennials, which do not only withstand a Nordic climate but also has the ability to create a spectacular visual effect, particularly during the flourishing summer season. Another aim was to fully utilize and showcase the possibilities of a vertical garden. This was done through incorporating smaller trees and shrubs, creating a truly diversified living landscape.

This project for Vasakronan became Stockholm’s first, true vertical garden. Today, the garden contains everything from shrubs and meadows to flowering plants. The living wall covers 70 square meters with 2,500 plants made up of almost 40 different species, such as Lingonberries, Lesser Periwinkle, Snow-in-Summer, Maiden Pink, Crowberry, Dwarf Birch, Bog Pine, Cliff Stonecrop and Woodland Sage. The wall has even come to life in an unexpected way, through its very own bird’s nest. The nest is now a natural addition to the wall, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, safely surrounded by plants and shrubs.

Today, the green wall of Klara Zenit has developed into a lush biotope, right in the city centre of Stockholm. It is now a great proof that it is possible to create vibrant and beautiful outdoor living wall, even in the harsh climate of Scandinavia.

  • Where_Drottninggatan, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Client_Vasakronan
  • Year_2016