H&M at Gustav Adolfs Torg

Nature moves into Sweden’s third largest city with H&M opening their first full concept store in the world, located at Gustav Adolfs Torg in Malmö. The project was lead by ÅF with Tema as architect. The objective was to create a unique indoor environment which sets the store apart from all other clothing stores.

Greenworks were involved already at the planning stage of the project. Our objective was to create a vertical garden around the two escalators connecting the floors, resulting in an eye catching view amidst a sea of clothes.

The intention was to create a vertical garden with a three-dimensional depth capturing contrasts and soft shapes. These 60 square meters are comprised of about twenty different plant species. With extremely limited maintenance access, it was critical to calibrate the system for a minimal need of care. This is achieved through ensuring that the plants received the appropriate lighting, the right balance of moisture levels and, not least, that the many different plants are assembled in an optimal way based on how they grow and develop over time.

  • Client_Skanska
  • Year_2019