• Moss walls
  • Interior living walls
  • Green walls outdoors
  • Maintenance and Service
  • Affordable over time

    Our living walls contribute to resource-efficient and reliable solutions with a long lifecycle. A majority of plants, installed by Greenworks for previous years’ projects, are still in place and thrive.

    Proactive maintenance for vigorous living landscapes

    The required maintenance of our living walls is directly impacted by the choice of botanical selection, irrigation system and lighting conditions. Our ambition is to create living walls that last for decades. Maintenance for us is not just about trimming and weeding plants, but also about proactively understanding how the living wall is actually doing. Instead of replacing plants, as is common practice among plant operators, our approach to provide long-term plant care, encouraging well-developed and viable living landscapes, resulting in a better botanical experience.

    Remote monitoring for reliable systems

    Greenworks offers remote monitoring of our green walls, continuously gathering information about nutrient levels, water consumption, pH /EC as well as moisture and temperature levels within the root systems. With a properly adjusted remote control, you can easily monitor the well-being of the plants, resulting in lower, viable operating costs.

    Long-term operating guarantees

    Because we are confident in the quality and outcome of our proactive maintenance programme together with our remote monitoring system and its impact on the long-term well-being of our plants and systems, we offer our clients long term warranties. We want our clients to be ensured that our vertical gardens will be as good tomorrow, as they will be in 10 years.