Interior living walls

At Greenworks, we have extensive experience from together with our clients developing unique, spectacular and tailor-made living walls, based on the individual needs of the client. We take the conditions of the building into account as well as the architectural requirements for aesthetics, acoustics, air quality and light. With inspiration from nature’s own vertical landscape and with the architecture considered, we create a biodiversity of high aesthetic and functional quality.

Improved air quality increases well-being

An abundance of plants in our local environment provides many benefits. Planting vertically enables us to place a large plant mass and improve air quality even on a smaller surfaces.
According to research, plants inhibits the ability to purify most types of pollutants commonly found in our indoor air. Examples are various VOCs such as formaldehyde and benzene, but also pollutants originating various combustion processes such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide.
In addition to cleansing the air from pollution, plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and increases the humidity of our otherwise dry indoor air, particularly problematic during the winter months. During warmer periods, living walls also provides a much-appreciated cooling effect.

Vegetation enhances working environments

Proximity to nature and vegetation reduces stress and increases our well-being. Research show that our quality of life improves when we meet with nature and vegetation on a daily basis. The positive effects are seen not least in hospitals, where patients have been found to recover faster when they have daily contact with nature. The volume and variety of plants found in Greenworks’ living walls, act as a significant contribution to a healthier workplace.

Sustainable systems and circular materials

A large part of the materials used for our green walls consist of recycled and recyclable material.
Our advanced capillary cloth, developed from recycled clothing, is optimized for allowing the root systems of the plants to spread throughout the green wall. The result is not only an increase in plants on a wall surface, but an aesthetically strong and viable vertical garden.
Our system has a moisture-blocking foundation supporting the underlying root systems. It is also waterproof and made out of recycled and recyclable material.
The plants are carefully selected to minimize the need for replacement over time and our sensor-based irrigation systems are calibrated to minimize excess water.

Living walls improves acoustics

One of the lesser-known benefits of living walls is that they reduce noise. Vegetation is used worldwide to reduce noise along roads and highways. In the same way, living walls absorbs and reduces high-frequency sounds, while the foundation helps to decrease low-frequency noise.
In addition, Greenworks’ design acts as an extra insulation, creating sound traps through a layer of air between the existing wall and the living wall.

Natural light for plant and human

Plants appreciate full-spectrum light, from infrared to near-ultraviolet, as it resembles natural sunlight. As a rule, the natural light is not enough for plants to optimally thrive and get the appearance that we want. Indoor living walls are thus dependent on lighting to fully meet the needs of the plant.
Different varieties of foliage reflect the light in different ways, providing a vibrant and ever-changing light environment. It is important to choose the right lighting with regards to quality and colour rendering. Greenworks offer complete proposals including light calculations for an optimization of the well-being for plants in harmony with the desired visual effect.
Regardless of whether living walls are installed on outdoor facades or indoors, they provide new opportunities for visual lighting effects. Greenworks uses custom lighting which contributes to well-being and adds to the architectural expression. We conduct solar studies of current facades already early in the process to ensure correct plant species for each zone of the facade. For outdoor living walls, artificial lighting can be utilized to create an eye-catching effect during the dark hours of the day.

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