An all-round supplier of living walls and autonomous plant systems for several of Scandinavia´s most demanding customers

Based on solid experience from large and smaller projects, Greenworks offers comprehensive solutions, ranging from vertical façade greenery to interior living walls. With over 350 projects in our portfolio, we provide documented experience from collaborating with architects, construction firms, property developers, property managers as well as the state, municipality and county councils and of course also directly with end customers.

The living walls of Greenworks contributes to resource-efficient and reliable solutions with a long lifecycle. We bring expertise to every phase, from the early concept stage through planning and installation and finally to warranty agreements lasting up to 10 years.

Botanical excellence

The habitat of vertical gardens differs to ordinary landscapes. Since our industry is still young, no comprehensive study has been done on botany for vertical gardens. Over the years, Greenworks has accumulated a unique competence in this field. Our flexible system allows the plants and root systems to spread over a large area. The plants, therefore, have no actual limitation to their growth, creating a more natural and dramatic landscapes.

At Greenworks we utilize an exploratory approach, continuously applying new methodologies to our vertical gardens, aiming for unique visual expressions combined with low maintenance requirements and thus, offer naturally lower maintenance costs.

Extensive experience in design and installation

We are a competent partner for working out details during the early planning phase in collaboration with external parties such as architects, technicians, electricians and plumbing services. An integral part of the collaboration is to provide sufficient documentation required for any type of constructional drawing.

We are experienced collaborating with various forms of contractual agreements and place great value on a good structure and documentation while following applicable regulations in relation to safety and sustainability.

With use of optimal lighting, plants thrive

Plants appreciate full-spectrum light, from infrared to near-ultraviolet, as it resembles our natural sunlight. The choice of lighting is therefore of high importance considering quality and colour-rendering. The lighting should reflect the individual needs of the plant as well as the provisions of the architectural design. Greenworks delivery always includes a complete lighting proposal, where the well-being of the plants is considered in alignment with the desired visual effect.

Customized irrigation systems for vertical gardens

At Greenworks, we offer extensive experience with irrigation systems suitable for vertical gardens, both using recirculating water with an irrogation tank but also with direct irrigation, using an external water source. We believe that reliable, high quality components are a prerequisite for sustainable and viable vertical gardens.

For outdoor projects, Greenworks offer a system adapting irrigation to the local climate with a winter program, ensuring functionality even during the winter season.

Monitoring and remote control provides assurance

Water supply is at the heart of Greenworks’ vertical gardens. By monitoring the system through alarms and analytic tools, we proactively manage any potential deviations. We also offer remote control of irrigation systems, with programs adapted to seasonal variations.

Takes responsibility for ongoing maintenance with extensive operational warrantees

All projects of Greenworks comes with maintenance agreements with far-reaching operational warrantees. As a customer you can be confident that your plants will continue to thrive and develop in an optimal way. We ensure the right lighting, irrigation and nutrition to make your living landscape thrive. Thanks to remote monitoring, we have control over the system and can thus minimize our number of physical inspections, providing transparent and affordable systems, sustainable over time.

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