From the University of Arts, Crafts and Design to the leading supplier of vertical gardens in Scandinavia

Since 2009, Greenworks has built up deep expertise through our, over 350 projects related to living walls for indoor and outdoor environments. We regularly work on behalf of architects, but we also commonly collaborate directly with the property developers, property managers, construction companies, plant decorators, government agencies as well as larger and smaller companies. We are used to taking on the role as an end-to-end partner, supporting and collaborating all the way from the feasibility study and contracting to delivering on our long-term warrantee.

With roots from the world of Konstfack, the Swedish University of Arts, Crafts and Design, we have always had a profound interest in form, design and product development. During a meeting with a passionate and innovative botanist, the idea of ​​enabling more greenery in the urban space was born through combining our combined design- and botanical excellence. We found living walls to have an untapped potential and to be an interesting challenge. Imagine if we could develop viable living walls that could be integrated into the architectural designs with a clear aesthetic appeal. Living walls that were not only pots on a wall, but real vertical gardens. Together, we founded Greenworks.

10 years later a lot has happened. Today, we have broadened our services, substantially expanded our expertise and work daily with challenging architects, construction companies, property owners and plant interior designers.

Today, our team at Greenworks combines several different competencies, enabling us to offer our clients reliable, comprehensive solutions. Landscape engineers, landscape architects and gardeners ensure the botanical excellence while our industrial- and graphic designers guarantee compatibility with the architecture. During the implementation, we use a reliable team of construction engineers, construction project managers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians, who, together with our logistics team, manage the entire construction process in an engaged and responsible manner.

Learn more about some of our exciting projects, covering various architectural offices, real estate developers, construction companies, plant decorators and private homeowners!