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Whatever the size of a room, adding greenery instantly livens up the space.

Indoor flowers and plants address hard parameters like the reduction of noise levels, oxygenation, diffusing of light, and even the neutralization of pollutants.
The sense of well-being might be even more important though, with all kinds of greenery adorning indoor spaces, big or small.
Apart from delivering large vertical gardens, Greenworks is busy installing all kinds of variation of plantwalls, green interior architecture and similar additions.

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”Our space is quite dark after you have entered deep inside from the street,” admits Amelie Parchami who runs Remedy Yoga which opened last November in Stockholm, ”my dream was to have a vertical wall to soften the space and produce a wondrous vibe for my customers.”
The dream came true, and the wall is a rich mixture of different shades of leaves in different sizes. Peace lily along with climbing asparagus is just some of the plants present.

’We have chosen greenery since it cleanses the air of pollutants,” says Amelie Parchami, ”but what I like the most is how it acts as a treat for your eyes and your senses: it’s alive and changing all the time!” Amelie Parchami can’t put her finger exactly on the effect of the wall, but she is convinced that the place would lose all its charm would the vertical wall be replaced by the former white wall. ”I have even added some Babylones, Greenworks hanging mini-gardens, right under the roof-windows.”

SUPERFRUIT, 20152015 superfruit indoor plantwall living furniture greenworks 01 web”It’s as good as new,” says Martin Lyberg, founder of the health food company Superfruit in Stockholm of their green wall installed 6 years ago, ”all was built on site and works perfectly, no leaks, no maintenance problems.” 
The large green wall is like a jungle brought indoors, a whole wall with overflowing leaves with ferns at the top. ”It’s exotic, like our products, it gives you a sense of the rainforests, doesn’t it?”
Superfruit has been partly acquired by Lohilo Foods, and Martin Lyberg expects the company to grow even more. ”We know that plants and greenery have a positive impact on us and in any working space. It adds oxygen, and it’s nice to look at, the interior becomes much more alive, it’s the perfect solution.” Martin Lyberg would really like to add a plantwall at home as well, and he is presently intrigued by the possibilities of city farming.

Our dependence on nature is undoubtedly an innate need that becomes harder and harder to satisfy with the ongoing urbanization of the world. Park space is more than often unevenly distributed in cities, and sometimes quite rare as well. No wonder that the concept Biophilia, once coined by Erich Fromm, has become a study topic in interior architecture design. We crave the closeness of nature in order to see little buds sprouting, admiring variegated foliage, blooms and stems. We are longing to interact and commune with nature not only during vacations. The possibility to add indoor green spaces as well as outdoor vertical gardens is a fast and easy solution that can be implemented in short time along with maintenance contracts for the up-keep.

BABOR, 20192019 Babor indoor verticalgarden Greenworks web2019 Babor Babylone Greenworks webAll kinds of installations are possible, why not a circular wall concocted by the landscape engineers of Greenworks in collaboration with Ambius for Ernst & Young’s offices in the Swedish capital? Or hovering green Babylone satellites at Babor Treatment Lounge that explores the benefits of Human Centric Lighting.

ERNST & YOUNG, 2021Ernst & Young indoor vertical garden